Special Effects, Foam Movie Props and Fake Wounds using Smooth-On
Smooth-On Mold Making and Casting Materials
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Smooth-On rubbers, plastics , foams and other materials have been used for years to bring movies, TV and stage special effects to life.

Image of a prop helmet. Movies that have used Smooth-On products to create spectacular special fx: Jaws, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, James Bond Series, Alien, Aliens, Saving Private Ryan, The Matrix, Harry Potter Series, X-Men Series, Lord of the Rings, Saw, Ghostbusters, The Chronicles of Narnia, Batman
TV production companies have created special effects with Smooth-On products: Star Trek; The Next Generation, The Sopranos, Dexter, Battle Star Gallactica, CSI; Miami, Nickelodeon, Myth Busters, Dirty Jobs, Saturday Night Live, MTVImage of props from the movie Mummy.

Image of a theatrical stage wound.
Broadway shows that use Smooth-On products to create stage props, theme effects and more: Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, The Lion King, Mary Poppins, Stomp, Blue Man Group, The Little Mermaid, Spam-a-lot, Beauty & The Beast
                                ...and many more productions too numerous to list!

Step By Step Video Sequences

Making Wounds With Skin Tite

Ultimate Wound Kit Demo: Making a Fake Wound with Glass Debris

Makeup Effects Minute: Halloween Makeup Skin FX Slashed Throat

Makeup Effects Minute: Halloween Makeup Skin FX Burn Scar

Using Dragon Skin FX-Pro to Make a Gel-Filled Zombie Appliance

Create Cold Cast Metal Effects Using Smooth-Cast® Resin & Real Bronze Powder

Using Silicone Rubber to Make Masks and Gel-Filled Appliances

Using Psycho Paint to Paint Platinum Silicone Rubber

Make Your Own Gunshot Head Wound

Creating a Quick Wound Prosthetic Using Dragon Skin FX-Pro

Cast Magic - Creating Metallic And Glitter Finishes On Castings

Making a Breakaway Glass Pane

Foam Prop Casting Quickies - FlexFoam-iT! X Concrete Block

Makeup Effects Minute: Halloween Makeup Skin FX Glass Wound

Step By Step Photo Sequences

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