NEWS: New Translucent Tin-Cure Silicones, Mold Max® 10T, 15T and 27T
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New Translucent Tin-Cure Silicones, Mold Max® 10T, 15T and 27T

27tpour1105_200The 10T, 15T and 27T are new additions to our popular Mold Max® silicone line. They are tin-catalyzed silicone rubbers that are translucent (no color), looking just like our Dragon Skin products. They are mixed 100A:10B by weight and cure overnight to a Shore 10A, 15A and 27A respectively. They have good physical properties (high tear strength, etc.) and feature Smooth-On's LIBRA® long library life catalyst.

As the technical bulletin indicates, mixed viscosities are relatively low but still high enough so that vacuuming prior to pouring is recommended. Viscosities and Shore hardnesses can be lowered by adding Smooth-On's Silicone Thinner. Both products can be thickened for Brush-On application using Thi-Vex® thickener.

- We are bringing back our "Accel T®" cure accelerator for those customers interested in accelerating the cure of these products. Why? The Accel T® is clear and will not interfere with the translucency of these silicones. Using Accel T®, however, shortens the library life of the rubber significantly.

Applications include making molds of different configurations. You can see where you are going for easy extraction of an original model via cutting (for prototype molds making). These products are also easily pigmented and you can create a variety of special skin effects.

Pieces made with the 10T, 15T and 27T do not last as long as their platinum silicone counterparts, especially where repetitive motion is required. Also, tin-systems should not be applied directly to human skin. Platinum skins and appliances are "hypo allergenic" and do not cause a skin reaction. Tin systems may cause a skin reaction with sensitive individuals.

Translucent Mold Max® Silicones
Mold Max® 10TShore 10A translucent tin-cure silicone rubberbutton_icon_tb button_icon_msds
Mold Max® 15TShore 15A translucent tin-cure silicone rubberbutton_icon_tbbutton_icon_msds
Mold Max® 27TShore 27A translucent tin-cure silicone rubberbutton_icon_tbbutton_icon_msds


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