NEWS: The Equinox® Line Of Platinum Silicone Putties Introduced
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The Equinox® Line Of Platinum Silicone Putties Introduced
Differences of Equinox® vs. Poyo® Putty (tin-catalyst)

equinoxforweb_2001. Price: Poyo® Putty (tin-catalyst) is much less expensive.

2. Inhibition - Because Equinox® is a platinum silicone it is more easily inhibited by surface contaminants. However, this putty cures so fast that it resists inhibition better than slower cure platinums.

3. You can join seams more easily with Equinox®, meaning that you can add new material to newly cured Equinox® putty.

4. Equinox® putties are incredibly strong . . . much stronger than Poyo® Putty.

5. Being a platinum cure silicones, Equinox® products can handle higher temperatures for casting low-temperature melt metal alloys such as tin and pewter.

6. Equinox® putties can be used to quickly repair platinum silicone molds or for making cut shim lines on Rebound® 25, Body Double® and other brushable platinum silicones.

These putties were originally developed for equine hoof repair applications, supporting a ligament in the hoof until it can heal. We are also selling these products to a number of orthopedic/ prosthetic fabricators for different applications. Jewelry makers use the putty to make fast mold impressions for casting high-temperature waxes

Equinox® 35 Fast has a pot life of about 1 minute with a cure time of about 7 minutes at room temperature (72°F / 23°C).

Equinox® 40 Slow has a convenient 1A:1B by volume mix ratio, a 30 minute pot life and cures in about 5 Hours with a Shore hardness of 40A. Cure time can be reduced to under 1 hour with a heat gun, hair dryer or by placing the mold in an oven at 150°F/60°C. Like the other Equinox products, it has incredible physical properties and good heat resistance. It is much easier to mix and apply vs. our PoYo tin-catalyzed putty and is superior in every way. It is, however, more expensive.

Equinox® 40 Slow offers enough working time to comfortably hand mix and apply to a model for making a mold. No surface preparation is required for many surfaces, however, this is a platinum silicone and inhibition is possible when applying over models made of sulfur clay and other surfaces that normally inhibit platinum silicone. When making a mold with any putty, developing an application technique to pick up detail from a model's surface and for marrying seams between sections takes practice.

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