NEWS: Sculpting And Molding The 'Red Silk Mermaid'
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Sculpting And Molding The 'Red Silk Mermaid'
Sculpting a 15-foot mermaid, step by step

 In June 2008, professional sculptor Kim Graham undertook her latest large-scale piece, "Red Silk Mermaid," in her one-room apartment in Seattle, Washington. On this website, , Kim describes in exact detail each step of the Mermaid's construction, from initial maquette (model) to eventual completion.

Kim is sculpting the Red Silk Mermaid using more than 1,000 pounds of clay over a foil base on a steel armature she welded herself. shi is molding the entire sculpture in Mold Max® silicone rubber for eventual casting in bronze; in fact, she has already molded the mermaid's hair, to recapture its clay because she was running out!bigmolds08_200

The completed Mermaid will be 15 feet long and almost 17 feet wide. Its fins will occasionally move gently using robotic mechanisms. Kim will announce the commissioning organization and site when she completes the sculpture in early 2009.

Mold Max® 30 is playing a huge role in the completion of this piece due to its strength, versatility, and resistance to the high temperature of the wax castings which will be created.  Mold Max® is applied by brushing the mixed silicone on to the surface of the sculpture.  Thi-Vex® is added to thicken subsequent layers of rubber.  A Plasti-Paste™ support shell is then constructed around the rubber mold to hold the shape of the piece while casting hot wax into the rubber mold.

To view blog entries which focus on Kim's moldmaking techniques using Mold Max® silicone and Plasti-Paste® trowelable plastic click on this link. 

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