NEWS: NEW! Smooth-Cast® ONYX® Deep Black Plastic
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NEW! Smooth-Cast® ONYX® Deep Black Plastic
Smooth-Cast ONYX® is a mercury-free urethane resin that cures quickly at room temperature to a deep black, solid plastic. ONYX® offers the convenience of a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio and has a very low viscosity, so it is easy to mix and pour. ONYX® has an ultimate shore hardness of 80D and offers higher physical properties and higher heat resistance vs. other general purpose resins.

Applications include reproducing sculpture, making prototypes and potting / encapsulation. Because ONYX® is a fast curing resin and becomes hard quickly, it is also great for doing fast cold cast bronze, brass, copper, nickel/silver, etc.

Advantages that ONYX® offers over other resins;
  1 - ONYX® is less expensive vs. other black resins
  2 - Cured plastic is ultra-black and darker than other black resins
  3 - Cured ONYX® plastic can be polished and buffed to a high gloss shine
  4 - ONYX® offers higher heat resistance (to 200°F /94°C at room temperature) vs. other black resin
  5 - Unlike other black resins, ONYX®does not contain mercury
  6 - If you desire a black casting, adding color pigment is not necessary

 Gallery Image

1 - Smooth-Cast® ONYX® is mixed 1A:1B by volume and poured into a detailed one piece cut-block mold.
 Gallery Image

2 - After curing, the casting is demolded and flashing is removed with a Dremel tool.
 Gallery Image

3 - Flashing is removed with a Dremel tool.
 Gallery Image

4 - Sanding gel is used to further eliminate the flashing seam.
 Gallery Image

5 - Dremel tool with a buffing wheel is then used to polish the seam to make it disappear.
 Gallery Image

6 - Smooth-Cast® ONYX® casting reflects perfect detail and is a deep, rich black color.
 Gallery Image

7 - Also great for creating cold-cast metal effects!

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