FAQ: How do I build a hot box oven for heat curing materials?
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How do I build a hot box oven for heat curing materials?

How To Build a Hot Box
We’ve come up with a way to easily build a cheap “hot box” to any size you want.  Our design will create convection currents and maintains constant temperatures, resulting in even heating of materials which is exactly what you need.  The foam board and other materials needed to build the hot box can be found at Home Depot or other DIY stores.

Materials And Tools
2” (5 cm) Foil Insulation Board
1” (2.5 cm) Drywall Screws
Glass Thermometer
Duct Tape
Table Saw & Jig Saw
Drill With 1” Hole Saw, Screwdriver Bit, and ¼” Drill Bit

 Gallery Image

1 - The foil-backed is cut to size carefully on a table saw.
 Gallery Image

2 - 1” (2.5 cm) screws are used to assemble the box.
 Gallery Image

3 - A jig saw is used to cut a port in the front panel to accommodate the blower end of the heater.
 Gallery Image

4 - Multiple vent holes are added into the sides of the box. They are sealed with duct tape and can be later opened/closed to vary and control the temperature.
 Gallery Image

5 - A 1/4” hole is drilled for the thermometer, which is needed to monitor temperature. Thermometers can be purchased through a scientific equipment supply house.
 Gallery Image

6 - A mold is placed in the center of a base board, which insulates the mold from the concrete floor. Note: DO NOT place the mold or casting directly on a wood floor, table etc. Only use the Hot Box on a concrete floor or slab.
 Gallery Image

7 - The heater is fit into the box port. This heater produced an ambient temperature of 203°F (95°C) in 5 min.
 Gallery Image

8 - Monitor temperature while heater is operating.
 Gallery Image

9 - The temperature can be controlled by adding or removing duct tape.

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