Foam-iT!® Series Rigid Polyurethane Foam Product Information
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Foam-iT!®Series Castable Rigid Urethane Foam
 Product Listing
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FOAM-iT!® 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15 & 26 are expanding water blown polyurethane foams in 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 15 and 26 pound densities. FOAM-iT® castable urethane foams will expand many times their original volume when mixed and poured. Developed for a variety of industrial and special effects applications, these casting foam products can be pigmented to achieve various color effects. FOAM-iT!® foams are especially useful as reinforcement for hollow castings.
  • FOAM-iT!® 3 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 18X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 4 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 14X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 5 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 10X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 8 - 2A:1B by weight - approx. 8X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 10 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 6X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 15 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 4X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 26 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 2X expansion
FOAM-iT!® urethane casting foams have a 2 hour demold time.

FOAM-iT! 10® SLOW has a 3.5 minute working time and 4 hour cure time.  Click here to read technical bulletin


MSDS Sheets - You Will Need Adobe Reader To View These Files
Foam-iT! 3, 10 and 15
Foam-iT! 4 and 5
Foam-iT! 8
Foam-iT! 26

Product Name: A:B Mix RatioApprox. Volumetric ExpansionColorDemold TimeMixed ViscosityPot LifeWeight: CU.IN./LB
Foam-It!® 31A:1B by volume18 timesBeige2 hours200 cps1 minute530-630
Foam-It!® 41A:1B by volume14 timesBeige2 hours300 cps1.5 min.380-440
Foam-It!® 4 BLACK1A:1B by volume14 timesBlack2 hours300 cps1.5 min.380-440
Foam-It!® 51A:1B by volume10 timesBeige2 hours300 cps1.5 min.300-350
Foam-It!® 82A:1B by weight8 timesWhite2 hours300 cps1.5 min.200-230
Foam-It!® 101A:1B by volume6 timesBeige2 hours400 cps1.5 min.150-175
Foam-It!® 10 SLOW1A:1B by volume6 timesBeige4 hours400 cps3.5 min.150-175
Foam-It!® 151A:1B by volume4 timesBeige2 hours500 cps1.5 min.105-125
Foam-It!® 261A:1B by volume2 timesWhite2 Hours500 cps1.5 min.61-72

Technical Information - You Will Need Adobe Reader To View These Files

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