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Advanced Moldmaking Technique Videos
Make a Concrete Fountain that Looks Like Sand - Smooth-On Molds of Nature
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Make a Concrete Leaf Mold - Smooth-On Molds of Nature
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Forensics Impression Mold using Mold Star 16 FAST Cartridges
Tire track impressions are quickly molded using Mold Star 16 FAST in 400mL dispensing cartridges then cast in Smooth-Cast 320. 
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How To Create Lightweight Castings Using a Rotational Casting Machine
In this video we demonstrate how to create hollow castings which are lightweight and use up to 90% less material than solid castings. 
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Making a Concrete Sink from Design to Production
A Passion for Design + Latest CAD Technology + Precision Modeling + Mold Making Expertise = Concrete Profit 
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Create Cold Cast Metal Effects Using Smooth-Cast® Resin & Real Bronze Powder
To achieve a metallic finish with resin, cold-casting is the process of mixing metal powder with a translucent casting resin like Smooth-Cast 325 and applying the mixture into a mold. 
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Reproducing an Antique Kentucky Long Rifle
A two-part Mold Max 40 mold is made of an antique rifle then a replica is cast in TASK 8 urethane plastic. 
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Creating A Cavity Pour Mold Using Mold Max® 30
A cavity pour mold uses a minimum of material to create a bubble-free mold, as outlined in this video featuring Mold Max® 30 silicone. 
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Taking The Mystery Out Of Creating A Concrete Sink Mold
Vytaflex® urethane is used to create a 2-part mold of a concrete sink, for perfect concrete castings every time. 
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Simplifying An Advanced Mold Making Application; Making Your Own 2-Piece Core Mold Of A Concrete Urn
Making a two-piece core mold is a technique for capturing both inner and outer detail from a model, which is outlined in this video featuring Reoflex urethane rubber. 
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Mold Making for Wood Carvings, Reproducing a Wood Grain Finish
When making molds of wood carvings, it is important to be able to reproduce the woodgrain. Dragon Skin 10 will pick up detail down to a fingerprint. In addition, cured Dragon Skin 10 is very strong and very stretchy. It will stretch many times its origina 
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How to Achieve a Faux Wood Grain Finish in a Resin Casting
To achieve a faux wood grain finish, it is important to use the appropriate combination of resin and filler. Smooth-On Ure-fil 5 is combined with Smooth-Cast 320 to create a woodgrain finish. Adding SO-Strong Brown pigment will result in a casting closer  
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