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Large Scale Moldmaking Application Videos
Building a Concrete Bar and Pergola using GFRC Architectural Formwork - Episode 2
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Creating a GFRC Cornice - Featuring: GFRC Cladding Systems
In this video we show step by step how a cornice for a building is created by GFRC Cladding Systems using the Forton® GFRC system. 
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Creating Custom Edge Molds for Concrete Countertops - GFRC Architectural Formwork - Episode 3
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Creating an Angular GFRC Panel - Featuring: GFRC Cladding Systems
In this video we show how a large angular GFRC panel is created with the help of Forton® VF-774. The finished panel is lightweight, strong, resistant to freeze/ thaw, and is flame rated. 
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Creating a Silicone Rubber Texture Mat for GFRC Panels
How To Create a Silicone Rubber Texture Mat for GFRC Panels using Mold Star 30 
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How To Cast Forton® VF-774 GFRC To Create a Showroom Kiosk
In this video we show the step-by-step process for creating a sales desk kiosk with a custom textured surface using GFRC enhanced with Forton® VF-774.  
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Casting GFRC to Create Textured Shower Panels
Casting GFRC with Forton VF-774 to create shower panels. Multiple GFRC panels of different sizes and shapes will be made from this single texture mat mold to produce furniture, countertops and more. 
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Making Art Deco GFRC Panels for Architectural Formwork - Episode 1
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Fabricate Any Form Using Habitat® Fire Safe
This video shows the creation of a fabricated tree for a themed environment. The tree will be used to house an LCD monitor for an interactive customer experience. 
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Concrete Innovation Of The Year - Concrete Furniture
Creating a GFRC table design employs the root of a Royal Poinciana tree that was recovered from a hurricane. A critical production tool is the rubber mold used to make the GFRC castings
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Spraying Mold Rubber And Plastic
Using EZ-Spray Jr. to spray mold rubber and plastics to create large molds and lightweight castings. 
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Concrete Fence Exhibits Level Of Detail Never Seen Before!
Unique mold making process quickly generates 11,880 lightweight concrete panels and 1,981 posts to form a 3 mile decorative wall that will provide safe and secure area for a resort in Cancun. 
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Resin Infusion Demo: Wind Blades Made with Custom Vacuum Bag
Reusable silicone vacuum bags greatly improve the resin infusion process, reducing labor and material costs while improving efficiency. 
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Building a Giant Animatronic Octopus for T-Rex Cafe Themed Restaurant
In this time-lapse video, Daddona studios fabricates pieces for a 'T-Rex Cafe' Look for the giant purple Dragon Skin® tentacles being constructed! 
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Making large scale formliners with VytaFlex® mold rubber
This video demonstrates using Smooth-Ons EZ Meter Mix Machine to mix and dispense Vytaflex 60 for the purpose of formliner production
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Using the EZ-Mix Meter Mix Machine For High Volume Applications
The basic instructions for using the EZ-Mix meter mixing machine are outlined in this video. 
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