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Smooth-Sil™ 936

EZ-Spray® Silicone 22 vs. Smooth-Sil™ 936EZ-Spray® Silicone 22

Lower Viscosity Shore 36A Platinum Silicone

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Key Differences

Mixed Viscosity11,000 cps21,000 cps
Mix Ratio By Volume1A:1BN/A (gram scale required)
Pot Life5 minutes60 minutes
Cure Time45 minutes24 hours
Shore A Hardness2236
ColorTranslucent GreenBlue
100% Modulus49 psi180 psi
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All Technical Data

EZ-Spray® Silicone 22Smooth-Sil™ 936
Product Type
  • Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure
  • Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure
Mixed Viscosity11,000 cps21,000 cps
Mix Ratio By Volume1A:1B
Mix Ratio By Weight100A:10B
Pot Life5 minutes60 minutes
Cure Time45 minutes24 hours
Shore A Hardness2236
Specific Gravity1.08 g/cc1.21 g/cc
Specific Volume25.6 cu. in./lb.22.9 cu. in./lb.
ColorTranslucent GreenBlue
Die B Tear Strength102 pli110 pli
Tensile Strength490 psi550 psi
Elongation @ Break450 %500 %
100% Modulus49 psi180 psi
Shrinkage<.001 in. / in.<0.001 in. / in.
Useful Temperature (min)-65 °F-65 °F
Useful Temperature (max)500 °F450 °F

Product Description

EZ-Spray® Silicone 22

EZ~Spray® Silicone 22 are sprayable silicones which cure quickly to soft rubbers with high elongation and tear strength. Liquid silicone is sprayed through the EZ~Spray® Junior Cartridge System which is an economical alternative to expensive spray equipment. After a suitable thickness is attained, EZ~Spray® Silicone 22 cures in about 45 minutes. EZ~Spray® Silicone cures with negligible shrinkage to strong, durable silicone rubbers good for production casting of polyester, epoxy or urethane resins, gypsum, concrete and other materials.

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Smooth-Sil™ 936

Smooth-Sil™ Platinum Silicones cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage.  With different hardnesses to choose from, Smooth-Sil™ products offer tremendous versatility and are suitable for making production molds of any configuration, large or small. These silicones exhibit good chemical, abrasion and heat resistance. Materials such as plasters, concrete, wax, low-melt metal alloys or resins (urethane, epoxy or polyester) can then be cast into these silicone rubbers without a release agent.

Smooth-Sil936 is a lower viscosity platinum silicone rubber (21,000 cps).  It is easier to mix, vacuum degas and pour. Smooth-Sil™ Platinum Silicones are used for rapid prototyping, wax casting (foundries and candle makers), architectural restoration and for casting concrete.

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