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Ecoflex™ 00-35

Ecoflex™ 00-35 Technical Specifications

Skin Safe, Fast Setting Super Soft Silicone

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All Technical Data

Ecoflex™ 00-35
Product Type
  • Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure
Mixed Viscosity3,500 cps
Mix Ratio By Volume1A:1B
Pot Life2.5 minutes
Cure Time5 minutes
Shore A Hardness00-35
Specific Gravity1.07 g/cc
Specific Volume26.0 cu. in./lb.
ColorOff-White Translucent
Die B Tear Strength38 pli
Tensile Strength200 psi
Elongation @ Break900 %
100% Modulus10 psi
Shrinkage<0.001 in. / in.
Useful Temperature (min)-65 °F
Useful Temperature (max)450 °F

Product Description

Ecoflex™ 00-35

Ecoflex™ 00-35 FAST is a soft, fast cure platinum-catalyzed silicone that is versatile and easy to use. Parts A and B are mixed 1:1 by weight or volume, pot life is about 2.5 minutes and rubber cures in about 5 minutes at room temperature with negligible shrinkage. Low viscosity ensures easy mixing and pouring. Rubber cures without "tacky" surface, is very soft, very strong and very "stretchy, stretching many times its original size. EcoFlex™ 00-35 is off-white translucent and can be color pigmented using Silc Pig™ silicone color pigments.

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