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Rubber Glass®

Rubber Glass® Technical Specifications

For Flexible Fake Glass & Ice Effects

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All Technical Data

Rubber Glass®
Product Type
  • Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure
Mixed Viscosity150 cps
Mix Ratio By Volume1A:1B
Pot Life120 minutes
Cure Time16 hours
Shore A Hardness33
Specific Gravity0.99 g/cc
Specific Volume28.6 cu. in./lb.
Shrinkage<.001 in. / in.
Dielectric Constant, 100Hz3.17
Dielectric Strength319 volts/mil

Product Description

Rubber Glass®

Rubber Glass® is a platinum-catalyzed silicone rubber product developed specifically for special effects and display applications. Two liquids (1 Part A + 1 Part B) are mixed together and poured into a container. The mixture cures overnight to a solid water clear rubber that can then be easily broken or “crumbled” into pieces that look exactly like broken glass, ice or diamonds. Vibrant colors are possible by adding Silc-Pig® liquid color pigments.

Rubber Glass® can be used to create a variety of special effects (i.e. simulated broken glass where human contact is required) and model effects (i.e. simulated ice or water). It can also be used for electronic encapsulation applications.

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