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Tarbender™ Technical Specifications

High Gloss Coating and Encapsulant

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All Technical Data

Product Type
  • Epoxy and Urethane Coatings
Mixed Viscosity1,100 cps
Mix Ratio By Volume2A:1B
Mix Ratio By Weight100A:41B
Pot Life45 minutes
Thin Film Working Time2 hours
Thin Film Recoat Time6 hours
Tack Free Time8 hours
Cure Time16 hours
Shore D Hardness75
Specific Gravity1.09 g/cc
Specific Volume25.4 cu. in./lb.

Product Description


Tarbender™ is a clear liquid epoxy that can be poured or brushed over a variety of surfaces to provide a strong, high gloss coating. Parts A and B mix together and flow easily. Tarbender™ epoxy cures at room temperature and offers high impact resistance.  It can be applied over wood, plaster, concrete, foam, fabrics, paper, etc. can be used to encapsulate 2-D or 3-D objects.  Tarbender™ is certified “aquarium safe” and used by aquariums to create hyperrealistic coral and other aquarium displays.  It is also used by zoos around the world as a coating for themed elements and displays. 

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