Atelier Ball

Hiram Ball came to figurative sculpting as an extension to his business career via a series of unique turns, and genetics. His grandparents had a talent for painting and could claim Charles M. Russell and his protégé, Joe deYong, as friends when they had their ranch in Idaho in the early 1900’s. In addition, his mother was a respectable painter, so the visual arts were always in the home, as well as an environment that appreciated the arts while growing up on a working farm outside of Pittsburgh, PA.

While training sculptors and giving workshops on how to use several of the products he developed as casting mediums, he became intrigued with doing his own figurative sculpting and life casting. After taking workshops from some of the best figurative sculptors in Scottsdale, AZ and Loveland, CO, and with extensive study of anatomy, he was convinced that clay, molds and bronze were his medium.

Specializing in the construction of silicone molds. When mold making process is completed the original model can be reproduced in either foundry cast bronze or other mediums. If a bronze casting is going to be produced, hot wax is poured into the mold to replicate the sculpt. The sculptor inspects and cleans up the wax casting in a process called "chasing". When the sculptor is happy that the wax casting of his original sculpt is clean and accurate it is taken to the foundry where it is cast in bronze using the investment casting process.  Pieces to be cast in bronze have the waxes sent to the Art Castings Foundry in Loveland, CO.

Another option to foundry cast bronze is to use one of the cold casting mediums available. Pieces cast using a cold casting medium are cast and finished at the Atelier located in Harwich, MA, which is located on beautiful Cape Cod. In this case all the work required is performed by the artist. 


  • Forton MG with metal powder or marble powder
  • Addition and pressure casting molds Mold Start Silicone
  • Rebound 25 brush-on molds
  • Crystal Clear Casting

Contact Information

527 Main St. Unit 9
Harwich, MA 02645

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