Creative Body Casting

Creative Body Casting Inc. invites you to discover the beauty and magic of having a mold made of your own body. 

Connie Jack has been doing lifecasting for about 5 years. Although she is fairly new to bellycasting she is very excited about being able to share in such a wonderful time in a woman or family's life. She enjoys stained glass, painting, gardening, reading and always tries to find more time to play with her children. She and her husband are looking forward to the birth of their third child this coming summer. She will be doing a bellycast of her own at some point around 35 weeks. 

Peter Labelle is a Registered Nurse and father of 3. He has been a lifecasting artist for over 15 years and doing bellycasting for 10. His pieces are primarily personal commissioned works but has worked with family and friends.  A large body of his clients have been those celebrating the transition to motherhood. He has helped women with breast cancer capture their bodies before undergoing a mastectomy and women entering menopause to cast their torsos in celebration of the changes their bodies are experiencing. Peter has also worked with special effects agencies in regards to his lifecasting.  He enjoys nursing, computers, woodworking, camping, expressing his creativity in various ways and spending time with his wife and three children.


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