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Forton Products

Forton VF-774 - Additive for GFRC
 Forton VF-774 - Additive for GFRC
Forton VF-774 - Additive for GFRC
Technical Bulletin
Forton VF-774 is an all acrylic, co-polymer dispersion (51% solids) specifically formulated for the GFRC production process. It is UV stable in the high pH matrix associated with Portland cements.The primary benefits of VF-774 are:
- The elimination of the seven day wet cure required to achieve the maximum strengths of concrete
- Significant improvements in the long-term durability of the GFRC composite, especially the maintenance of the long-term flexural strain to failure property

To get the 20 year Durability Paper, click here.

Additional Benefits of VF-774 include:

- Reduces crazing and drying shrinkage cracks
- Improved workability of the mix at low water/cement ratios
- Reduces moisture absorption
- UV stable
- Uniform distribution of pigments for batch to batch color consistency
- Flame Rated

Forton® MG - VF-812 Additive For Alpha Gypsum
 Forton® MG - VF-812 Additive For Alpha Gypsum
Forton® MG - VF-812 Additive For Alpha Gypsum
Technical Bulletin
Forton® MG is a unique combination of high-strength alpha hemi-hydrate gypsum with water based polymer chemistry that is reinforced with "E" glass fiber. FMG is the first technology to make gypsum an exterior product, when painted or sealed.Forton® MG can be used for restoration and replication of natural façade materials, architectural ornamentation, decorative arts casting, flower pots and cold cast metal elements and sculpture. The casting methods are essentially the same as that used for casting in urethane or polyester resin and fiberglass. FMG can be slush cast (hollow), hand laid-up, sprayed through the proper equipment or poured for solid casts. The system is simple to use for either the beginner or the experienced user.

A variety of colors and finishes can be incorporated into the FMG face mix. UV stable liquid or dry powder pigments can be added to FMG to provide a vast range of colors. Aggregates can be added to the face mix to achieve desired texture effects when sandblasted and sealed. Metal powders can also be added to the face mix to achieve various cold cast metal effects.

- Forton MG is lightweight and easy to work with
- FMG is non-toxic, odorless and ultra strong
- Water can be used for clean-up prior to FMG set
- Class I fire rating according to ASTM E-84
- Quick demolding times

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