Forton VF-774 - Additive for GFRC
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Forton VF-774 - Additive for GFRC
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Forton VF-774 is an all acrylic, co-polymer dispersion (51% solids) specifically formulated for the GFRC production process. It is UV stable in the high pH matrix associated with Portland cements.The primary benefits of VF-774 are:
- The elimination of the seven day wet cure required to achieve the maximum strengths of concrete
- Significant improvements in the long-term durability of the GFRC composite, especially the maintenance of the long-term flexural strain to failure property

To get the 20 year Durability Paper, click here.

Additional Benefits of VF-774 include:

- Reduces crazing and drying shrinkage cracks
- Improved workability of the mix at low water/cement ratios
- Reduces moisture absorption
- UV stable
- Uniform distribution of pigments for batch to batch color consistency
- Flame Rated

Product may freeze in transit – order may be delayed due to freezing temperatures.

Mix Design

The normal Forton VF-774 loading in a GFRC mix is between 5 to 7% polymer solids to the weight of cement. This amount is determined by the composite properties desired in the finished product. The higher the amount of polymer, the more water tight and ductile the part will be. The inverse would be true for lower amounts.

Typical MixesSpray ChopPremixVCAS 160
* Units can be in pounds or kilos.
Portland Type I10010080
Silica Sand1008585-100
Forton® VF-77412-1410-1210-14
NEG A-R Fiber5% by weight3% by weight3% or 5% by weight
VCAS 16020
Superplasticizer4 to 12 oz. adjust workability

Long-Term Durability Study

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