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Product Name: A:B Mix RatioColorComp. StrengthDemold TimeMixed ViscosityPot LifeTensile StrengthUltimate Shore HardnessWeight: CU.IN./LBHow much
do I need?
Crystal ClearŪ 200100A:90B by weightClear40000 psi16 hours600 cps20 min.2500 psi80 D26.7
Crystal ClearŪ 202100A:90B by weightClear40000 psi90 min.600 cps9 min.2500 psi80 D26.7
Crystal ClearŪ 204100A:90B by weightClear40000 psi48 hours600 cps120 min.2500 psi80 D26.7
Crystal ClearŪ 206100A:90B by weightClear40000 psi7 days600 cps4.5 hours2500 psi80 D26.7
Crystal ClearŪ 220100A:75B by weightClear90800 psi4 hours @ 212F / 100C675 cps22 min.8190 psi85 D25.9
EpoxAcast 650 w/ 101 Hardener100A:12B by weightOff-White or Black16350 psi1 hour7000 cps20 min.6000 psi9318.22
EpoxAcast 650 w/ 102 Hardener100A:13B by weightOff-White or Black16350 psi4 hours7000 cps90 min.6000 psi9318.22
EpoxAcast 650 w/ 103 Hardener100A:14B by weightOff-White or Black16350 psi24 hours7000 cps3.5 hours6000 psi9318.22
EpoxAcast 650 w/ HT Hardener100A:10B by weightOff-White or Black15980 psi24 hours5000 cps3.0 hours6900 psi9318.22
EpoxAcast 655 w/ 101 Hardener100A:10B by weightGrey12500 psi3 hours23000 cps30 min.4810 psi90D16.7
EpoxAcast 655 w/ 102 Hardener100A:11B by weightGrey12500 psi9 hours23000 cps75 min.4810 psi90D16.7
EpoxAcast 655 w/ 103 Hardener100A:12B by weightGrey15700 psi24 hours12000 cps3.5 hours6000 psi90D16.5
EpoxAcast 655 w/ HT Hardener100A:8B by weightGrey15700 psi24 hours12000 cps4.0 hours6000 psi90D16.5
EpoxAcast 670 HT100A:16B by weightBeige13000 psi24 hours6000 cps3 hours6000 psi90D20.51
EpoxAcast 690100A:30B by weightClear9610 psi24 hours280 cps5 hours6630 psi80D25
Feather LiteŪ1A:1B by volume or weightBeigen/a2 hours410 cps8.5 min.2160 psi58D41.3
Smash!Ū Plastic1A:1B by volumeClearn/a90 min.900 cps5 min.n/a80D26.7
Smooth-Cast ONYX FAST1A:1B by volumeBlack8760 psi10-15 min.100 cps2.5 min.5840 psi80D27.7
Smooth-Cast ONYX SLOW1A:1B by volumeBlack11400 psi90 min.100 cps5 min.7660 psi80D27.7
Smooth-Cast™ ROTO1:1 by volumeWhite3680 psi10 min.120 cps2.5 min.2400 psi65D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3001:1 by volumeWhite4500 psi10 min.80 cps3 min.3000 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 300Q1:1 by volumeWhite4500 psi5 min.80 cps30 sec.3000 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3051:1 by volumeWhite4500 psi30 min.80 cps7 min.3000 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3101:1 by volumeWhite4500 psi2-4 hours80 cps20 min.2600 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3201:1 by volumeOff-White4500 psi10 min.80 cps3 min.3100 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3211:1 by volumeOff-White4500 psi30 min.80 cps7 min.3100 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3221:1 by volumeOff-White4500 psi2-4 hours80 cps10 - 20 min.3100 psi70D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 3251:1 VolumeClear Amber4500 psi10 min.100 cps3 min.3170 psi72D25.9
Smooth-CastŪ 3261:1 VolumeClear Amber4500 psi60 min.100 cps7 min.3170 psi72D25.9
Smooth-CastŪ 3271:1 VolumeClear Amber4500 psi2-4 hours100 cps20 min.3170 psi72D25.9
Smooth-CastŪ 3801:1 by volumeTan7860 psi1 hour1140 cps6 min.3550 psi82D15.9
Smooth-CastŪ 3851:5 by weightBeige8500 psi2 hours3000 cps20 min.3100 psi85D17.3
Smooth-CastŪ 45D1:1 by volumeTranslucent Whiten/a30 min.250 cps5 min.1560 psi45D25.6
Smooth-CastŪ 60D1:1 by volumeTranslucent Whiten/a30 min.430 cps5 min.2420 psi60D26.4
Smooth-CastŪ 61D1:1 by volumeTranslucent Whiten/a60 min.430 cps7 min.2420 psi61D25.6
Smooth-CastŪ 65D1:1 by volumeWhiten/a10-15 min.120 cps2.5 min.2400 psi65D26.4
TaskŪ 21:1 by volumeWhite8300 psi60 min.150 cps7 min.6650 psi80D24.7
TaskŪ 31:1 by volumeWhite7400 psi90 min.150 cps20 min.6650 psi80D24.7
TaskŪ 41:1 by weightIvory7400 psi16 hours250 cps20 min.6500 psi83D23.9
TaskŪ 51:1 by volumeTan6700 psi15 min.600 cps3 min.4530 psi77D25.2
TaskŪ 61:1 by volumeTan5570 psi75 min.800 cps7 min.5200 psi75D25.9
TaskŪ 71:1 by volumeWhite5140 psi10 min.200 cps2.5 min.3390 psi73D23.1
TaskŪ 81:1 by volumeOff-White8760 psi10-15 min.100 cps2.5 min.5840 psi80D25.4
TaskŪ 91:1 by volumeClear Amber11000 psi60 min.300 cps7 min.7800 psi85D24.3
TaskŪ 111:1 by weightMilky AmberN/A16 hours2000 cps20 min.2500 psi60D24.7
TaskŪ 12100:44 by weightClear Ambern/a16 hours2400 cps20 min.2700 psi60D25.6
TaskŪ 13100A:120B by weightBlackn/a20 min.800 cps3 min.1800 psi50D24.1
TaskŪ 14100A:120B by weightBlackn/a45 min.800 cps10 min.1800 psi50D24.1
TaskŪ 1575:100 by weightOpaque White545060 min.600 cps6 min.2720 psi75D24.7
TaskŪ 161:2 by weightLight Yellown/a90 min.1400 cps6 min.2264 psi80A/30D25.64
TaskŪ 1826A:100B by weightMetal Gray8420 psi16 hours4400 cps20 min.3250 psi88D17.6
TaskŪ 212:1 by volumeWhite7100 psi60 min.500 cps6 min.5500 psi75D25.9
Ure-CoatŪ100A:10B by weightTranslucent Amber16 hours876%8 min.70256 pli1360 psi26.4
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