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Product Name: A:B Mix RatioDemold TimeElongation at BreakMixed ViscosityPot LifeShore A HardnessTear StrengthWeight: CU.IN./LBHow much
do I need?
Brush-On® 401:1 by volume16 hours1000%Brushable20 min.4060 pli23.7
Brush-On® 351:1 by volume16 hours700%Brushable20 min.3567 pli21.5
Brush-On® 501:1 by volume16 hours400%Brushable20 min.5080 pli23.7
Brush-On® 601:1 by volume16 hours400%Brushable20 min.6080 pli23.5
Clear-Flex® 301:1 by volume16 hours675%750 cps15 min.3054 pli26.9
Clear-Flex® 501:2 by weight16 hours500%250 cps25 min.5025 pli26.8
Clear-Flex® 951:1.5 by weight16 hours175%250 cps25 min.95200 pli26.8
Dragon Skin FX Pro1:1 by volume40 min.763%18000 cps12 min.261 pli25.0
Dragon Skin® 10 Fast1:1 by volume75 min.1000%23000 cps8 min.10102 pli25.8
Dragon Skin® 10 Medium1:1 by volume5 hours1000%23000 cps20 min.10102 pli25.8
Dragon Skin® 10 Slow1:1 by volume7 hours1000%23000 cps45 min.10102 pli25.8
Dragon Skin® 10 Very Fast1:1 by volume30 min.1000%23000 cps4 min.10102 pli25.8
Dragon Skin® 201:1 by volume4 hours620%20000 cps25 min.20120 pli25.6
Dragon Skin® 301:1 by volume16 hours364%30000 cps45 min.30108 pli25.7
Ecoflex® Supersoft 00101:1 by volume4 hours800%14000 cps30 min.00-1022 pli26.6
Ecoflex® Supersoft 00201:1 by volume4 hours845%3000 cps30 min.00-2030 pli26.0
Ecoflex® Supersoft 00301:1 by volume4 hours900%3000 cps45 min.00-3038 pli26
Ecoflex® Supersoft 00501:1 by volume3 hours980%8000 cps18 min.00-5050 pli25.9
Ecoflex® Supersoft 51:1 by volume5 min.1000%13000 cps1 min.575 pli25.8
Econ 801:1 by volume6 hours127%120013 min.8077 pli26.2
EZ-Brush Vacuum Bagging Silicone1:1 by volume3.5 hours364%20000 cps30 min20120 pli25.7
FMC®-200100:12 by weight16 hours700%6000 cps50 min.20n/a20.5
FMC®-201100:12 by weight16 hours700%6000 cps50 min.15n/a20.5
FMC®-205100:12 by weight16 hours550%6000 cps90 min.12n/a20.1
Mold Max® 10100:10 by weight24 hours529%15000 cps45 min.10100 pli24.1
Mold Max® 10T Translucent100:10 by Weight24 hours586%14000 cps45 min.1087 pli25.4
Mold Max® 14NV100:10 by weight4 hours600%7500 cps40 min.1487 pli24.7
Mold Max® 15T Translucent100:10 by weight24 hours490%20000 cps45 min.1594 pli25.6
Mold Max® 20100:10 by weight24 hours512%20000 cps45 min.20110 pli23.1
Mold Max® 25100:5 by weight24 hours375%25000 cps60 min.25130 pli23.5
Mold Max® 27T Translucent100:10 by weight24 hours400%30000 cps45 min.27110 pli25.0
Mold Max® 30100:10 by weight24 hours300%25000 cps45 min.30125 pli23.0
Mold Max® 40100:10 by weight24 hours250%45000 cps45 min.40120 pli24.3
Mold Max® 60100:3 by weight24 hours132%20000 cps45 min.6063 pli19.1
Mold Max® Stroke100A:10B16 hours300%Variable20 min.30125 pli23.5
Mold Max® XLS II100:10 by weight24 hours375%30000 cps40 min.30110 pli22.7
Mold Star® 151:1 by volume4 hours440%12500 cps50 min.1588 pli23.5
Mold Star® 161:1 by volume30 min.440%12500 cps6 min.1688 pli23.5
Mold Star® 20T1:1 by volume30 min.470%11,000 cps6 min.2090 pli25.6
Mold Star® 301:1 by volume6 hours339%12500 cps45 min.3088 pli24.7
OOMOO® 251:1 by volume75 min.250%4250 cps15 min.2540 pli20.6
OOMOO® 301:1 by volume6 hours250%4250 cps30 min.3040 pli20.6
PMC® -121-30 Wet or Dry1:1 by volume16 hours1000%1800 cps30 min.3055 pli27.7
PMC® -121-50 Wet Only1:1 by volume16 hours500%1400 cps30 min.5080 pli26.7
PMC® -72410:100 by weight16 hours700%Variable20 min.4090 pli20.5
PMC® -7442:1 by weight16 hours400%3400 cps15 min.4490 pli27.5
PMC® -7462:1 by weight16 hrs650%1200 cps15 min60100 pli26.9
PMC® -780 Dry or Wet2:1 by weight or volume48 hours700%2000 cps25 min.80200 pli27.2
PMC® -7902:1 by weight or volume48 hours600%3000 cps20 min.90300 pli25.9
PMC®-7702:1 by weight16 hours600%3000 cps35 min.70160 pli27.2
ReoFlex® 201:1 by volume16 hours1000%1500 cps30 min.2060 pli27.3
ReoFlex® 301:1 by volume16 hours1000%1800 cps30 min.3082 pli27.5
ReoFlex® 401:1 by volume16 hours1000%1500 cps30 min.4085 pli27.2
ReoFlex® 501:1 by volume16 hours432%2000 cps50 min.50120 pli27.4
ReoFlex® 601:1 by volume16 hours581%1800 cps50 min.60132 pli26.7
Simpact® 60A1A:1B by volumeWhite2 hours1100 cps4 min.60142 pli25.7
Simpact® 85A85A:100B by weightOff-White2 hours1100 cps4 min.85182 pli25.4
Smooth-Sil® 935100:10 by weight24 hours400%40000 cps45 min.35115 pli23.5
Smooth-Sil® 940 (Food Grade Applications)100:10 by weight24 hours300%35000 cps30 min.40100 pli23.4
Smooth-Sil® 9451A:1B by volume6 hours320%30000 cps25 min.45120 pli22.3
Smooth-Sil® 950100:10 by weight24 hours300%35000 cps45 min.50155 pli22.3
Sorta Clear® 18100:10 by weight24 hours545%21000 cps60 min.1880 pli25.6
Sorta Clear® 40100:10 by weight24 hours400%35000 cps60 min.40120 pli27.8
Vytaflex® 101:1 by volume24 hours1000%3100 cps30 min.1030 pli27.9
Vytaflex® 201:1 by volume16 hours1000%1000 cps30 min.2058 pli27.7
Vytaflex® 301:1 by volume16 hours1000%1800 cps30 min.3078 pli27.3
Vytaflex® 401:1 by volume16 hours660%2000 cps30 min.4082 pli26.9
Vytaflex® 501:1 by volume16 hours400%2000 cps60 min.50102 pli26.7
Vytaflex® 601:1 by volume16 hours480%2000 cps60 min.60136 pli26.6
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