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About Us . . . Since 1895, Smooth-On has been helping people like you

discover material possibility. Smooth-On rubbers, plastics, foams and other

materials are used around the world to turn ideas into 3-dimensional reality.

This catalog offers a glimpse of what people
have created with these materials and will
hopefully inspire you to take the next step.

With hundreds of products to choose
from and the best technical support
available anywhere, we can help bring
your creation to life or get your project
up and running quickly.

Find Material Answers
for Your Project…

Smooth-On’s new 380,000 ft (35,303 m ) facility in Macungie, PA Thousands of people visit
makes hundreds of materials that ship around the world.
everyday to view our videos and “how to”
galleries. Step-by-step instruction will help
you understand how these materials can
work for your project.
You Are Never Alone…

Our world famous technical help is
available by e-mail or telephone. When
you call you will talk to technicians that
have experience using these materials and
can guide you through your project.
The Smooth-On factory houses two of the largest silicone mixing
vessels in North America (1,500 gallons / 5,678 liters), each powered by
3 x 100 horse power motors and high-shear mixing blades. ®
Hands-On Training…

Smooth-on offers two-day mold making and casting seminars that host people from all
(800) 762 - 0744
over the world. Our training methods combine slides, videos, hands-on demonstrations,
and discussions. Students use materials to make their own molds and castings and gain
an unparalleled learning experience.

1 5600 Lower Macungie Road, Macungie, PA 18062 | Tel: 610.252.5800 |
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