Composite Effects

Composite Effects, or CFX for short, is the culmination of years of independent research on professional technique and materials in the theatrical and production industry. They are currently a growing company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and have a history of quality craftsmanship that meets and exceeds their client's expectations. 

When Composite Effects developed their line of silicone masks, they chose Smooth-On Ecoflex® Series silicone rubber to create pieces that wear, react, and feel like actual skin.  The combination of realistic sculpture, precise paint jobs, selected reinforcement and high quality craftsmanship come together to create extremely impactful and durable pieces.

The imagination of CFX has taken them into the realm of larger and more freakish creations, as evidenced by their 'Hugo' mask.  'Hugo' has an oversized head, filled with Soma Foama® silicone foam to keep the mask lightweight.  The 'Deep Spawn' mask has tentacles filled with Soma Foama® for a squishy lightweight feel unlike any other material. 

Smooth-On Ecoflex 00-50 silicone is used to create silicone gloves which match the masks. Ecoflex 00-50 has a higher abrasion resistance than the 00-30, making it perfect for higher force applications. 

As CFX continues to push the envelope of mask and effect design, Smooth-On  will also be evolving and continuing to expand our material technologies.


  • Theatrical Props
  • Special Makeup Effects
  • Sculptural Reproduction
  • Mold Making
  • Animatronics

Contact Information

11632 Industriplex Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Areas of expertise and rates may vary. Other than supplying materials to mold makers and casters, Smooth-On is not associated with and does not warranty the work of any independent mold making and/or casting company or individual.