Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. Learn more about cookies here. Most web browsing software allows users to control cookies through the browser settings.

(‘Smooth-On’, ‘we’ or ‘us’ or ‘our’) implement cookies to enable certain functionality and to help improve our website. Detailed information about how this website implements cookies, or how using this website might enable other sites to store cookie files on your computer, can be found below:

E-Commerce and Server Session
Our website makes use of cookie files to enable online purchasing and to keep track of a visitor’s session. These cookies are considered essential to the operation of this website. The e-commerce cookie is set to expire 48 hours from visiting the website. The server session cookie expires when terminating a session, generally when the website is closed.

Type Names Purpose
Session Tracking JSESSIONID
Session cookies allow web applications to identify a single user across multiple pages during a single visit to the website, and consist of a randomly generated alphanumeric ID. They are also used to prevent Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) hacking attempts.
Smooth-On makes use of YouTube and Wistia video services to embed streaming media on certain pages of the website. These cookies aid in the operation of these services.
reCAPTCHA NID Google's reCAPTCHA service helps us prevent automated web crawlers (bots) from submitting spam via web forms. This service makes use of a cookie to store successful and unsuccessful test attempts.
Article Rating hesk_kb_rate This cookie is used to enable site visitors to rate the helpfulness of FAQ articles.
Website Analytics _pk_ref
This website uses a self-hosted analytics application to monitor how visitors engage with our website. The information processed by analytics is not personally identifiable, and only a fragment of your IP address is stored or used for geolocation. Personally identifying information disclosed via a contact form is not monitored, tracked, or stored by analytics. If you make a purchase, details about your purchase will be recorded along with a pseudonymous ID number. Analytics cookies allow us to monitor and track visits over time.
Pingdom __cfduid These sites make use of Pingdom to track the availability and load times of pages, which makes use of a third-party cookie.

Links and Embedded Media from Third Party Sites

Clicking any link on our website that connects to an outside party (outbound link) may result in cookie files being placed on your computer by that website. Content displayed on our website from an outside source via an IFRAME (embedded media) could result in a cookie file being placed on your computer. Most outbound links on our website are clearly marked as such. Some outbound links and embedded media appear as part of the general interface of the website. Examples of these kinds of outbound links and embedded media are listed below:

YouTube and Google Maps
Certain pages of our website embed streaming YouTube video files and interactive Google maps. Visiting these pages will enable Google to place cookie files on your computer, which cannot be accessed by this website. Review Google’s cookie usage policy.

Our website makes use of PayPal’s payment processing services to transact online purchases. Proceeding a purchase from the shopping basket will direct you to the PayPal website and enable PayPal to place cookie files on your computer, which cannot be accessed by this website. Review PayPal’s cookie usage policy.