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Silicone Rubber - Tin Cure

Also called condensation-cure silicone, these are high-tear silicone rubbers that are known as the “work horse” of the industry because of their performance and economy. Tin cured silicone molds are used for casting wax, gypsum, polymer modified gypsum, etc. but are best known for standing up to production casting of urethane, epoxy and polyester resins. They are also good for casting low temperature melt metal alloys.

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Silicone Rubber - Platinum Cure

Also known as addition-cure silicone, platinums exhibit the lowest long-term shrinkage and have the longest library life of all mold rubbers (with a price tag to match). While good for making molds for casting a variety of materials, platinums also have application and physical properties that other rubbers do not. As a result, they are used for other applications. For example, some are certified “skin safe” and can be applied directly to human skin. They are also used for making prosthetic and orthotic devices, skin safe appliances and effects, etc. Some are certified “food safe” for culinary applications.

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Urethane Rubber

Easy to use and exhibiting good wear resistance, polyurethane rubber can be poured, brushed on or sprayed onto prepared surfaces and cure with negligible shrinkage. Urethane mold rubbers are economical, reproduce exceptional detail and are best suited for production casting of concrete, gypsum and wax.

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Polysulfide Rubber

Smooth-On has been making polysulfide rubber since World War II. Unlike other mold making materials, polysulfides are not bothered by sulfur or moisture present in many modeling clays favored by sculptors. They continue to be used by art bronze foundries and as an important part of the lost wax process. Tire mold makers like the fact that polysulfide and be altered using a hot knife to modify patterns quickly.

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Urethane Resins and Coatings

A wide variety of liquid plastic casting resins & coatings used for hundreds of different applications. Good for industrial, art-related and hobbyist projects, they are available as rigid or semi-rigid resins. These polyurethane casting plastics are used for making detailed models & prototypes, props and industrial parts. Colors and/or fillers can be added for an infinite variety of casting effects.

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Epoxy Casting, Coating and Laminating Resins

Epoxy resins are used for different industrial applications. They are harder and stronger than other resins and offer superior physical and performance properties including higher heat resistance. Casting resins are used for making impact tooling or fixtures and are also used for encapsulating and potting applications. Epoxy coatings are brushed on to protect 3D prints, rigid foams and other surfaces. Laminating resins are used with glass fiber and other reinforcements to create indestructible lightweight parts for composite applications.

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Epoxy Putties

Epoxy Putties are used for a variety of fabrication or sculpting applications and are available as rigid or semi-rigid. With several to choose from, these are easy to use “mix-and-apply by hand” systems. High-density epoxy putties can be textured and stamped to make artificial tree bark, vines, aquarium-safe coral pieces or flame-rated themed elements. Low-density putty is used for reinforcement, making lightweight elements and filleting for composite applications. Epoxy sculpting putty allows the user to sculpt fine detail with precision to create lasting works of art.

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Mix and Pour Expanding Foams

Mix and pour, high quality urethane and silicone foams are fast curing and used for industrial, military and art related applications. Foams expand many times original volume. Available in different densities, they are versatile and easy-to-use, they can be colored with Smooth-On tints and pigments.

Rigid foams cure hard and strong with uniform cell structures and can be sanded, machined, etc. Use for making machinable modeling board, lightweight rigid models and props, reinforcing hollow plastic castings and other structures as well as a variety design applications.

Flexible foams cure flexible and strong and are used for padding, cushioning and cushion repair, making realistic theatrical props & cosplay costuming, reinforcing hollow flexible castings, archery target repair, flexible gaskets and more.

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Smooth-On has manufactured adhesives since 1895 and currently offers epoxy, urethane and silicone adhesives for hundreds of bonding and repair applications.

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Lifecasting Materials

Easy to use alginates are quick and economical; good for making single use molds of the hands, face, etc. Skin safe silicones are used to make lasting molds used over and over for casting resins, wax and more.

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Skin Safe FX Materials

Skin safe silicone can be modified to create silicone gel for encapsulated appliances.  Encapsulated appliances can be adhered to the skin, and edges can be melted away. Silicones are also available which can also applied directly to the skin for making hyper-realistic knife slashes, burns, bullet holes and other gore in minutes.  Use with versatile blood kit to complete the effect.  

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Polymer Modifiers for Concrete and Gypsum

Forton® VF-774 is the world-wide standard concrete additive for making lightweight GFRC panels. It is recognized by the PCI as the only polymer supported with a 20 year durability study.

Alpha gypsum additives make gypsum far stronger and more weather resistant. Forton® and Matrix products are a lower cost alternative to resins. You can cast solid or make lightweight architectural elements and sculpture castings by reinforcing with glass fiber that are suitable for outdoor display. A variety of casting effects are possible including marble, metal, stone and more.

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Sealing & Release Agents

A full line of sealers and release agents that are compatible with Smooth-On rubbers, plastics and foams. Using the right sealer and release agent can be the difference between project success and failure.

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Colorants & Fillers

Different types of colorants made especially for urethanes, epoxies and silicones let the user color any creation. Fillers are often added to casting resins to change the properties of the plastic, lower the weight or achieve a variety of finishes including metal, stone, porcelain, marble, wood, etc.

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Tools & Equipment

There are tools and equipment that can make processing easier and ensure success with these materials.

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