Paradise Labs


  • Digital Design - CAD/CAM, 3D Printing, Model Generation
  • Modeling - Architectural, Landscape, Figurative, Scale Modeling
  • Prototyping - Composites, Foam, Plastics, Metal
  • Sculpting - Clay, Steel, Cast Materials
  • Casting and Mold-Making - Plastics, Urethane/Silicone, Aluminum, Bronze, Epoxy
  • Installation - Small to Mid-Scaled, On-Site, Insured
  • Exhibits and Artificial Habitats - Scale Models, Inserts, Full Scale Installations
  • Med Sim - Design, Manufacturing
  • Small Batch Production
  • Project Consultation

Contact Information

1407 West 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Areas of expertise and rates may vary. Other than supplying materials to mold makers and casters, Smooth-On is not associated with and does not warranty the work of any independent mold making and/or casting company or individual.