Peter J. Mastroianni Mold Making

For more than 50 years Peter J. Mastroianni has worked with almost every castable material from rubber to beryllium copper. He is adept at marrying various technologies and manufacturing methods and has helped create the “state of the art” in many fields. Employing the latest in pattern creation, such as SLA and FDM, and traditional model making, he works with clients to guide their visions into reality. As a consultant and instructor, his range of clients includes government agencies to individual artists.


  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mold Making for Ceramics
  • Rubber and all Resins
  • Consultation
  • Instruction and Training
  • Maker’s Mentor

Contact Information

230 Austin Trail
Orangeville, PA 17859

Areas of expertise and rates may vary. Other than supplying materials to mold makers and casters, Smooth-On is not associated with and does not warranty the work of any independent mold making and/or casting company or individual.