Body Double SILK ‘Easy Release’ Life Casting Silicone

Body Double SILK ‘Easy Release’ Life Casting Silicone

‘Easy Release’ Apply-To-Skin Silicone Rubber

Since its debut in 2003 Body Double® has been the industry standard for making long lasting, silicone molds of the hands, face or other body parts.

Who uses Body Double®? Special effects artisans from Hollywood to Bollywood, wax museum fabricators, sculptors, medical fab shops and more. There is nothing quite like it. Body Double® captures detail perfectly and its molds are strong and long lasting. A major advantage that Body Double® has over alginate is that you can cast almost anything into a silicone mold and they are reusable.

Hair encapsulation has always been an issue with Body Double®. If you do not thoroughly apply Body Double® release cream to hair covered skin or mix Hyper-folic® release agent into the Body Double®, the rubber will encapsulate hair and be painful to remove.

NEW Body Double® SILK® releases from hair covered skin easily. It is mixed 1A:1B by volume, has a pot life of 6 minutes and cures in about 20 minutes at 73°F / 23°C.

Body Double® SILK® is compatible with original Body Double® Standard and Fast. Because of this, you can back up an initial layer of SILK® with layers of Body Double® Standard or Fast. We have had long time users of Body Double® Standard and Fast test SILK®. All have given SILK® a very enthusiastic “thumbs way up”.