A New, Faster Version of Free Form™ AIR

A New, Faster Version of Free Form™ AIR

When introduced several years ago, Smooth-On’s original Free Form™ AIR was a game changer in terms of being the lowest density and lightest weight epoxy putty available anywhere.  AIR became a popular product quickly with people finding uses for this product that we had not anticipated.  Feedback on AIR was that it was very user friendly in that is easy to mix, apply, shape, sculpt, texture and post finish.  Reducing the effort spent mixing material by hand gives users more energy to propel them through their projects.

Free Form™ AIR HT soon followed in response to customer requests for a lightweight putty that could be used for industrial applications like making strong, lightweight composite parts that specifically called for high heat resistance up to 400°F/204°C.

Theming fabricators doing work for large theme parks like Disney, Universal Studios, Six Flags, etc. museums and other public spaces loved the workability of Free Form™ AIR for applying over EPS foam or armatures to make lightweight trees and rockscapes. Due to increasingly stringent fire codes, many large-scale projects needed flame resistant material alternatives for their projects.  We introduced Free Form™ AIR Fire Safe that offers the highest flame rating available (E84, Class A) for making lightweight elements.

Move at Your Own Pace 
For project latitude, Free Form™ AIR FAST is compatible with original, standard set Free Form™ AIR.  When used in combination with standard set Free Form™ AIR putty, you can “dial in” the speed of the blended material to be exactly what you need for your project.

Free Form™ AIR FAST is used for fast “rough shaping” projects, filling in voids and for a variety of repair applications including marine repairs as it will cure under water. Material will bond to a variety of plastics (urethane, PVC, etc.) metals, wood, EPS foam, paper, ceramics, plaster, etc.