New LIVE Stream June 17th ‑ Learn To Make Cavity Pour Molds With Milo

Making a cavity-pour mold of your model can save you money and offer advantages vs. other methods.  Set a reminder today, and bring your questions!

In this YouTube Mold Making and Casting Live™ Presentation, Milo will demonstrate what it takes to successfully plan, design and make cavity pour molds. How and where to incorporate keys, vents and pour spouts can make all the difference and Milo will show you best practices. The goal is always bubble free castings with minimal post finishing and clean up.


• Advantages Of Making A Cavity Pour Mold Vs. Other Mold Making Methods

• Analyzing Your Original Model • Choosing Materials For The Mold And The Support Shell

• Determining Separation Lines

• Claying Up Model

• Placement Of Air Vents, Pour Spout, Flow Channels And Keys

• Creating The Support Shell And Mold

                 & So Much More!