Live On YouTube June 10 ‑ Coloring and Casting Effects With Matrix™ NEO

In this YouTube Mold Making and Casting Live™ Event, Janessa will demonstrate tips and tricks to help you do more with Matrix NEO.

We will explore new ways to achieve a variety of spectacular color and finishing effects with Matrix™ Neo including metallics, glitters, stone, metal cold casting and more!


How Using A Release Agent Can Make Your Life Easier For Coloring Matrix™ NEO
Coloring Matrix™ NEO With Buddy Rhodes™ Pure Collection Pigments
How To Create Realistic Stone Effects, Glow-In-The Dark Effects, Marbling
Best Practices For Creating Sparkling Metallic Effects With Cast Magic™
Enhancing The Look Of Cold Castings With Carbon Black Pure Pigment
Advanced Casting Techniques
Preparing Matrix™ Neo Castings For Painting And Exteriors