Live on YouTube ‑ Lifecasting Techniques Using Alginate

Jonathan Navarro has years of experience using alginate and silicone for a variety of life casting applications including creating movie special effects, medical orthotics and prosthetics, museum exhibits, sculpture reproductions, cosplay and more. In this YouTube Live! Presentation, Jon will show you tips and tricks for getting the most out of Accu-Cast alginates ranging from basic mold making to complicated multi-model set ups including interlocking fingers, pass throughs and more. Reproducing perfect detail to make finished castings in gypsum, urethane plastic and silicone rubber is always the end game.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: ♦ What is alginate and how it’s used to make molds from life. ♦ Alginate vs. Silicone ♦ Accu-Cast™ Alginates & Lifecasting Kits Overview ♦ Importance of water quality and temperature ♦ Model preparation ♦ Proper mixing techniques ♦ Techniques for removing the alginate mold. (scoring etc.) ♦ Casting material options ♦ Casting properly into the mold ♦ Repairing and finishing your castings