Press Release ‑ Smooth‑On, Inc. Acquires The Chavant Clay Company


October 1, 2021 - For Immediate Release

Smooth-On, Inc. Acquires The Chavant Clay Company


Smooth-On, Inc. (Macungie, PA) is excited to announce the acquisition of The Chavant Clay Company of Farmingdale, New Jersey effective October 1, 2021.  Founded in 1892, Chavant Clay has manufactured a variety of modeling clay products for almost 130 years. Their innovative and varied line includes industrial styling clays used by major auto, truck and other vehicle makers around the world as part of the 3-dimensional model design process.  Chavant’s line of industrial styling clays are also used in the prototype design process for furniture, appliances, electronics, medical devices, boating, aeronautics and other applications.
Chavant also manufactures an extensive line of variable hardness Fine Art Sculpting Clays that are used by individual sculptors as well as art bronze foundries.  Chavant Sculpting Clays have been used most recently in such high profile projects as Mark Mellon’s, “A Handshake for the Century” in Youngstown, OH and Meredith Bergmann’s, “Women’s Rights Pioneers” in New York City’s Central Park. Another highly anticipated creation is the soon to be installed “National World War I Memorial” in Pershing Park, Washington, DC.
Movie special effects artisans continue to rely on Chavant clays for making concept models and prosthetics for popular movies such as the Star Wars Series, Men In Black Series, Terminator Series, X-Men Series, Star Trek Series, Avatar and more too numerous to mention. 
Jack North first joined Chavant in 1989 and became President and Owner in 2000.  He will stay on with Chavant for the foreseeable future to aid in the transition and states that, “Smooth-On and Chavant are both centennial companies with a combined history of 256 years, which is a very rare thing in today’s business world.  We have worked side by side at customer accounts and share the same distributors because of the synergy between our products.  We are very excited about the prospects for the combined resources of both companies moving forward”.  
Smooth-On Vice President and Owner, Clay Western states that, “Partnering makes sense on many levels as our products are used as part of the same creative processes. Customers use Chavant Clay for sculpting and modeling followed by employing Smooth-On products to mold and cast their creations. I have personally known Jack North and Chavant for many years.  We share similar business values including manufacturing only quality products while supporting our customers with value-added services like project consulting and unparalleled technical support. We very much look forward to working with the entire Chavant team”.
Since 1895, Smooth-On’s laboratory has developed hundreds of epoxy, urethane, silicone and other chemical formulations used for a variety of industrial, art related and consumer applications.  This marks Smooth-On’s 33rd acquisition in the last 25 years.

For further information, contact Smooth-On at ‪(610) 252-5800.