NEW SIMPACT™ 85A ‑ As Strong As It Gets!

NEW SIMPACT™ 85A - As Strong As It Gets!

Simpact™ 85A is a Shore 85A urethane rubber that has extraordinary tear strength as well as high impact and wear resistance.

It is used for a variety of industrial and display applications. It is easy to color with SO-Strong™ color tints or Ignite™ color pigments. This is a low odor, low shrink formulation that is phthalate free, mercury free and MOCA free.

With a mix ratio of 85A to 100B by weight, components mix and pour easily. Working time is 4 minutes and handling time is 2 hours. To reach maximum physical properties, allowing castings to cure for 48 hours at room temperature is recommended. Cure time can be reduced by using Kick-it™ cure accelerator or by applying mild heat.

Simpact™ 85A is ideal for making highly tear and impact resistant props, prototypes and display pieces. The wildly popular tv show, “TANKED” (seen weekly on Animal Planet) uses Simpact™ 85A to make colorful, indestructible coral display pieces.

Yes, it is aquarium safe.