Smooth‑On LIVE ‑ Amazing Resin Casting Effects Using Cast Magic™

A 10+ year veteran of Smooth-On’s technical service team, Heather Hanna has been instrumental in developing a variety of resin casting color and finishing effect techniques with our Cast Magic™ Casting System.

In this YouTube Mold Making and Casting Live™ Presentation, Heather will show you how easy it is to quickly add an endless variety of bright metallic, glitter, pearlescent & color effects your resin castings.

Inexpensive and durable, the Cast Magic™ Casting System has been used for years to make signs, sculpture, prototypes, wall décor and cosplay elements.

What You Will Learn

• What’s It All About? Using Cast Magic Powders and Glitters to Transform Your Castings in Minutes
• How the Cast Magic System Saves You Time and Money • Choosing the Right Urethane or Epoxy Resin for Your Project
• Choosing the Right Color Combination
• Dusting Mold Surface Technique Vs. Mixing Into Resins
• Right Way to Add Pigments To Materials
• Using Cast Magic to Create a Coatings for Rigid and Flexible Foams
• Adding Cast Magic Effects to 3D Prints