Formlastic™ Series

Formlastic™ Series

For Production Casting of Concrete

Formlastic™ Series

Formlastic™ urethane is a durable mold rubber made for production casting of concrete. It features a low viscosity for easy mixing and pouring and cures with minimal bubble entrapment. Mix ratio is 1A:1B by volume and pot life is 25 minutes. Cured rubber is dimensionally stable (low shrinkage), offers good wear resistance and will render color accurate concrete castings.  Available in Shore 48A and Shore 60A formulations.

IMPORTANT: This product does not contain crystalline silica.

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 Formlastic™ 48 Urethane Moldmaking Rubber
 Formlastic™ 60 Urethane Moldmaking Rubber


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How To Make a Mold For Casting Concrete Tiles

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