Epic™ Epoxy Thinner

Epic™ Epoxy Thinner *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

Technical Bulletin and SDS

Epic™ Epoxy Thinner is a clear, water-like liquid that will lower the viscosity of Smooth-On casting and laminating epoxies. Epic™ can be added in different proportions to an epoxy system and improves flow-ability, making it easier to mix and pour. Epic™ will also aid in reducing bubble entrapment.

Epic™ Epoxy Thinner IS NOT A SOLVENT, is not hazardous and contains no VOC’s or phthalates. Solvents that are commonly used to thin epoxies cause shrinkage. Epic™ is 100% reactive fluid, does not evaporate and does not cause shrinkage. Epic™ also facilitates higher filler loading and gives better wetting and impregnation.


PREPARATION - Store and use all materials at 73°F / 23°C. Avoid breathing fumes - use in a well ventilated area at minimum. NIOSH approved respirator is recommended. Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize skin contact.

USAGE - Epic™ Thinner is added by weight. A gram scale is required. Read and follow directions given on the technical bulletin for the EpoxAcast™ or EpoxAmite™ product before adding Epic™ Thinner.

Important - Physical and performance properties (including Shore hardness) of cured epoxy system may be lower in proportion to the amount of Epic™ Thinner added. Do not exceed recommended loading maximum of 10% of epoxy Part A, as the epoxy system may not cure. A small scale test is recommended if outcome is uncertain.

MEASURING AND MIXING - Add Epic™ Thinner to Part A of the epoxy system and pre-mix thoroughly before adding Part B. Mix all parts thoroughly and apply. Usage Example - Epic™ Epoxy Thinner and EpoxAmite™ 100 with 101 Hardener 100g EpoxAmite 100 (Part A) + 5g Epic™ Thinner (Mix Thoroughly) + 24g EpoxAmite™ 101 Hardener (Part B) = Viscosity: 900 cps Shore Hardness: 84D

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