Smooth-Solv™ *NOTE: Product Packaging May Vary

Technical Bulletin and SDS

Smooth-Solv™ is a general purpose cleaning solvent for flushing the EZ-Mix™ meter mixing machine. Smooth-Solv™ is also used to clean the hoses and valves of the EZ-Mix™ Machine.


PREPARATION - Safety - Use in a properly ventilated area (“room size” ventilation). Wear safety glasses, long sleeves and rubber gloves to minimize contamination risk. Use in low humidity environments. High humidity will slow evaporation of solvents. Application surface should be clean, dust free and dry. Shake container well before each use. Store and use material at room temperature (73°F/23°C).

USAGE - Refer to the EZ-Mix™ Machine manual in the section marked ‘Cleaning The Machine’ for specific instructions as to how to properly utilize Smooth-Solv™. Because no two applications are the same, a small test application to determine suitability for your project is recommended if performance of this material is in question.

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