Award‑Winning Artist Brings Dolls to Life

Award-Winning Artist Brings Dolls to Life

Artist bridges the gap between fantasy and reality with automated life-like dolls.

As a young child Joe MacPhale dreamt about the fantasy world; His mind full of beautiful creatures and enchanted destinations that were eager to come to life. Today, Joe continues to dream about faraway worlds, but now he has brought his dreams to life as an award-winning master designer of figurative sculptures and owner of Joe MacPhale Fine Art Studios.

Utilizing Smooth-On materials such as Smooth-Sil 940 and 950, Smooth-Cast 300 and 325, and Crystal Clear, Joe sculpts, molds, and casts his beautiful dolls by hand. Known for his attention to detail, Joe carefully finishes each doll with custom-made eyes, teeth, clothing, shoes, and airbrush applications. Joe has also introduced a special, patent-pending, eye automation mechanism, making each doll completely unique and one-of-a-kind.

His innate ability to think outside of the box, and beyond the realm of reality, has led Joe to win many prestigious awards. With back-to-back titles of Doll of the Year, Industry’s Choice Award (2011 and 2012), the 2016 Diamond Award of Excellence, the 2017 PDMAG Innovator and Trendsetter Award, and the 2018 Best of Show BJD Fashion Doll title, Joe is truly one of the best in the doll-making industry.

Although his unique creations are some of the most highly sought-after dolls on the market, Joe has faced many obstacles and hardships in his life. By following his heart, Joe has prevailed in the face of adversity to become the artist he always dreamt he could be.

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