Casting the World’s Largest Sculpture in Smooth‑On FMC‑200™

What’s 3 times taller and 30 times larger in volume than the Stature of Liberty?

The Ushiku Daibutsu located in Ushiku, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, is the world's tallest freestanding bronze statue. Completed in 1995, it stands a total of 394’ / 120m above the ground, including the 32’ / 10m high base and 32’ / 10m high lotus platform. Final weight of the sculpture is 8 million pounds / 3.63 million kilos (4,000 tons).

Smooth-On’s FMC-200™ Polysulfide rubber was used to make the molds of the various original model segments made from gypsum. Into the rubber molds, wax was cast. Individual wax segments were then encased in ceramic with the wax eventually being melted out to make the ceramic mold negatives for casting the finished bronze panels that were then installed over the steel frame. More than 6000 individual bronze panels were cast to overlay the steel frame.

Inside the statue itself is a four story building, which serves as a museum. An elevator takes visitors up to 280’ / 85m off the ground, where an observation floor is located.