Creating Artwork From a Pregnancy Belly Cast

Creating Artwork From a Pregnancy Belly Cast

Guy Tedesco is an accomplished artist and mold maker from Indiana. Recently, a client commissioned a unique project. She was looking to have a mold made of her own torso.

The unique challenge: The model was 7.5 months pregnant.

Her goal was to have Tedesco create a lasting memento of her pregnancy – a pregnancy belly cast. The priority, of course, was safety. Tedesco, an experienced Smooth-On product user, knew he needed a material as unique as the project itself. Smooth-On’s Body Double® lifecasting silicone was the only material Tedesco considered for this project because of its skin safety.

Body Double® is measured 1A : 1B by volume (no scale necessary) and mixes easily without entrapping air. It butters onto the skin and holds vertical or inverted surfaces (i.e. under the chin).

There are two speeds available: FAST SET (for small areas like the face) with a working time of 90 seconds and a cure time of 6 minutes & STANDARD SET (for large areas like a full torso) with a working time of 6 minutes and a cure time of about 20 minutes.

A Body Double® rubber mold is stretchy-strong and lets you cast wax, plaster, plastics, silicone or urethane rubber and other materials. This sequence outlines Guy Tedesco's life casting process, including creating a cold cast bronze reproduction belly cast using Smooth-Cast® resin from Smooth-On.