Downen Creative Studios Podcast Features Smooth‑On Materials

Downen Creative Studios Podcast Features Smooth-On Materials

Beverly Downen is a talented coaplsyer and multimedia creator who creates her own movie-quality costumes and props, and creates instructional video tutorials and full costume build write-ups to foster a positive and encouraging community of makers. She enjoys giving others a thorough look at her build processes, and she strives to provide detailed write-ups of each of her builds whenever possible. Her mantra is to be as transparent as possible, and she is always willing to share her successes and failures along the way.

Beverly is well known for her detailed and high-quality, screen-accurate builds. Most recently, she was commissioned by Marvel during the 3rd season of “Marvel Becoming” to create a replica of the Wasp costume from the blockbuster movie “Ant-Man and the Wasp“.

Her passion projects are all community focused; she has founded several maker/builder Facebook groups with the goal of fostering a positive and supportive environment for cosplayers and makers alike. In 2018 she founded SheProp!, a rapidly growing group created for female and LGBTQNB-prop makers and costumers. Beverly also hosts the ShePropTalk!Podcast, providing a platform for members of the SheProp! Community to share their unique design processes, techniques and experiences with the cosplay world.

Episode 14 of ShePropTalk! features Smooth-On technician Heather Hanna. Check it out below!