Using EZ‑Spray™ 45 Urethane to Make a Mold of a Large Fountain

Hyde Park Mouldings was commissioned to create several large concrete fountains to be installed in a newly renovated public garden in New York City. Eli Nassim, a Hyde Park artisan, sculpted the original form out of water-based clay. The final sculpt was over 7 ft. tall (2.1 m.) and incorporated highly detailed ornamentation.

Hyde Park was under a tight deadline. A dedication ceremony was scheduled at the garden within two weeks. A mold had to be made and several reproductions had to be cast and installed in that time period. Mr. Nassim knew that using a brush-on rubber would simply take too long to have all the pieces finished in time. A long-time Smooth-On user, Mr. Nassim contacted our technical help line hoping he might find a faster solution.

Smooth-On's EZ-Spray™ 45 urethane system came to the rescue. EZ-Spray 45 is a sprayable mold rubber capable of covering large original models in a very short amount of time. The cured material is not only flexible, but also very durable – more than capable of reproducing the concrete fountain many times over. The deadline was met with time to spare. EZ-Spray 45 urethane picked up every detail from Mr. Nassim's original sculpt, reproducing it in the concrete castings.

The fountains now stand as a reminder that with the right tools and materials, along with the expertise and experience to back it all up, anything is possible with Smooth-On rubbers.