EZ‑Spray™ Silicone 20 Floor Coating Application

URBAN FOX STUDIO was recently contracted by a specialized manufacturing firm to apply a high-temperature resistant silicone rubber coating onto the surface of a refractory concrete floor. The objective of the application is to increase wear protection of the floor and prevent small-particle contamination of the material being refined inside the furnace at the center of the floor structure.

The floor surface area measures 20 ft x 20 ft (6.09m x 6.09m).

After a period of testing, EZ-Spray™ Silicone 20 packaged in 1500 ml cartridges was chosen as the coating material due to its high tolerance for continuous elevated service temperature (500°F), abrasion resistance, and ease of application using an EZ-Spray™ Jr. Spray Dispensing Gun.

EZ-Spray™ Silicone 20 adhered to the concrete floor, increasing the durability and erosion resistance of the underlying surface. High dry film thickness from 5 – 50 mils can be easily achieved with EZ-Spray™ Silicone 20.