The Many Faces Of Guy Louis XVI

The Many Faces Of Guy Louis XVI

If you were to encounter a Guy Louis XVI original mannequin and tried to strike up a conversation unaware that the figure was not human, you would not be alone.

It is simply impossible to readily discern that Guy's figures are not alive. Even after tweaking the nose, touching the skin or looking deeply into the eyes. His creations are so unnervingly perfect that they will give you chills as you touch the soft silicone skin and silky hair or marvel at the delicate veins in the plastic eyes. In the arena of 3-D figure modeling, few can rival the work of Guy Louis XVI SFX located in Ottawa, Canada.

The extreme realism of his creations has gained him international notoriety. Guy is self-taught and developing his technique over a number of years has taken a great deal of patience, being accomplished mostly through trial and error.

Guy's quest for detailed perfection is reflected in each creation, and the state of his craft has reached such heights that his mannequins are highly sought after by private collectors and museums from around the world including The Canadian National Museum, Canadian War Museum (which has more than 20 of Guy's mannequins), Civil War Museum in Fort Jackson, South Carolina and many more. In addition, Guy has created special effects pieces for movies and does prop assignments for corporations.

Maintaining a Material Edge – You can't get this far without an intimate working knowledge of the materials that you depend on to make perfect, true-to-life creations.

The internet has brought Guy’s creations to the world & his backlog is currently months out. Guy's website is an eye-opening experience.