Turning a Passion Into a Money Making Enterprise

Sandy Hauptston lost her job after 17 years with a Pennsylvania manufacturer. After the initial shock of losing her job wore off, she considered what to do next with her life and considered her options. Sandy had always been a craftswoman and enjoyed working with her hands. Rather than look for another job, she decided to give in to her entrepreneurial spirit by building a business selling her hand-made clear craft creations. Sandy recently wrote to Smooth-On to tell us of her success and even created a gallery demonstrating how she makes one of her creations.

''I’ve always been crafty. I learned to knit when I was a teenager. In college I took up quilting and more recently I even tried my hand at candle making. Last year I saw Smooth-On’s Encapso® K on an episode of the Martha Stewart show. It looked like a lot of fun so I decided to try it out for myself. Soon I was hooked! It was so easy - I couldn’t stop making stuff!''

Sandy’s creations range from interesting encapsulations, to gorgeous floral displays, to decorative candle holders. She was so pleased with the results that pretty soon she was giving away her pieces to friends and family as gifts. They encouraged Sandy to start selling her work at local craft shows, and so “Sandy’s Clear Creations” was born. She has already exhibited at several shows over the past two months with great success, and is planning to sell at more than two dozen events in the northeast just this year.

''I’ve always done this kinda thing for fun - I never thought I could turn it into a successful side business. Thanks Smooth-On!''