A Glowing Success Story In Wax Casting

A Glowing Success Story In Wax Casting

BeeSkep II (Johnstown, NY) began as a kitchen operation in 1993. The unique designs and high quality of the 100% pure beeswax candles quickly turned Beeskep II into a thriving candlemaking enterprise. Beeskep II now offers many different styles to customers worldwide.

To meet a growing demand, Beeskep II started making their own candle molds with Smooth-On mold rubbers.

"My own molds are lasting much longer which cuts down on my labor & material costs. I literally get thousands of castings from a single Smooth-On mold." Bob Maring-BeeSkep II

Making A Candle Mold With BeeSkep II

BeeSkep II has refined their mold techniques over the years, and offers tips for making production candle molds from simple wooden models.