Guy Tedesco Gallery

Guy Tedesco is an artist and sculptor living in Mount St. Francis, Indiana. His work spans many artistic styles and media. Mr. Tedesco describes his artistic vision:

"The focus of my career is in the fine arts with an emphasis on creating sculpture. I utilize any medium and artistic style at my disposal to best make my vision of a particular project into reality. I see art by its simplest definition as a means of communication. Whether the message is an expression of deep multi-layered theological concepts or a simple remind to relax and enjoy life, I feel that art should always express something.

Depending upon their reasons for conceptualization, art and design projects need to be reflective of a multitude of variables. They need first and foremost to be expressive of their message. They must be reflective of both the artist who creates them and the patron who commissions them. They must be true to their medium and perfectly mesh with their surroundings. They must be created with the highest level of craftsmanship and the finest materials available."

This gallery shows a few pieces of Mr. Tedesco's work created with the help of Smooth-On materials.