Horse Hoof Treatment Using Equinox™ Silicone Putties

Equine Digital Support System, Inc. (EDDS) is a company that specializes treating lower limb equine problems such as lameness with the ultimate goal of restoring and maintaining soundness in domesticated horses. Many domesticated horses suffer from hoof problems where the frog degrades over time due to bacterial and fungal activity. Historically mud has been used to address this problem of degradation. But the use of mud can be limiting. So EDDS began investigating alternative options to mud. Their investigation led them to Smooth-On. EDDS laid out the criteria for their requirements. The material needs to be fast curing, safe for the horse, and reliably sturdy and strong.

With this request, Smooth-On developed the Equinox™ Line of Platinum Silicone Putties.

Equinox™ silicone putty is measured 1:1 by volume (no scale necessary) and mixed together fast by hand kneading. The mixed putty is then placed in the bottom of the horse hoof after it has been cleaned and prepared.