Johnson Atelier Uses Polysulfide Rubber To Bring Sculpture to Life

Since its inception 30 years ago, the Johnson Atelier has used Smooth-On's full line of Polysulfide rubbers. FMC® Polysulfide rubbers are preferred by foundries like the Johnson Atelier because original sculptures are often scultped in Roma Plastalina, a sulfur bearing modelling clay. FMC® Polysulfide rubber is not inhibited by sulfur which is present in modeling clays preferred by sculptors. No sealing agent or release agent was necessary prior to applying rubber to this model. Cured rubber is soft, stretchy and perfect for casting wax as part of the lost wax process that will ultimately result in the piece being rendered in bronze. FMC® Polysulfide rubbers are also archival, meaning that the molds will last many years in a mold library.

The Johnson Atelier is now known as the Sculpture Foundation Studio. It was established to assist creatively and technically the emerging and established sculptors from the creation through the completion of their projects. Their staff works side by side with the artist to bring their dreams to reality using state of the art equipment and materials combined with old world craftsmanship honed to perfection over the past 30 years. Our passion for working with an artist and teaching the creative process that is involved in making sculpture benefits not only the beginner but also the master sculptor. The ability to work with other sculptors fosters the exchange of thoughts and techniques that can enhance the final product.