Making Tree Bark Texture Panels Using Plasti‑Paste® II

Over the years, people have attempted to use Plasti-Paste® as an art or fabrication material assuming that the cured plastic can be painted, only to be disappointed to find that it can not. The new Plasti-Paste® II formulation differs from the current formulation in 2 major ways: 1. Cured plastic can be painted (original Plasti-Paste® can not) 2. It is harder, more rigid with better heat resistance (when post cured).

The New Mix Ratio is 1A: 2B by volume (62A:100B by weight). The pot life is 10 minutes at room temperature depending on mass. Handling time is about 90 minutes at room temperature depending on mass. Full cure; 24 hours at room temperature. Cure time can be accelerated by applying heat.
Mixed material holds a vertical surface without sagging and cures to a strong, durable and lightweight plastic. Liquid material can be pigmented with So-Strong® color tints.

This plastic can be used for creating themed environments or special effects, used as a “mother mold” material to reinforce rubber molds and a variety of other applications.

Case Study:
One of our customers had to reproduce segments of tree-bark texture for a children's museum. They had over 40 gang molds of tree bark texture and utilized the new Plasti-Paste® II formulation to create the castings which were then painted with wood stain. Blended turf and glue were then spot added for a moss effect. Hundreds of panels were cast for this display which will be installed in February.