Screamline Studios Makes Props To Die For

Operating out of Mentor Ohio since 1996, Screamline Studios has provided professional design, construction, and coordination for primarily the haunted attraction industry. Over the years Screamline Studios has had several accomplishments, some of which consist of participating in several other venues such as make-up and costume work featured in Six Flags' Batman and Robin stage show which has been seen around the United States at their theme parks, injury simulation make-up for Kissimmee and Orlando Florida's Fire Department videos, make-up work for a Fox/Turner cable show, and set props and make-up for numerous low-budget movies including the film Time and Again which won 3 Telly Awards.

In 2001 Screamline Studios decided to focus on design and manufacture of mainly Haunted House Props/Decorations, Horror related Specialty Costumes, Theater Props, Movie Props, Point of Purchase Displays and Trade Show Exhibits/Booths. They currently sell a line of horrifying 3D pictures and other wall decorations, realistic gravestones, static props, masks, and created a retail costume named “Horrificus” who is an intimidating 7’ + tall, two headed creature that looks like a science experiment gone wrong.

Screamline Studios' foams of choice for their prop weapons and scenic pieces are Smooth-On's Foam-iT! and Flex Foam-iT! series of urethane foams. These premium foams allow for predictable results when casting, resulting in less waste and the high level of quality which Screamline demands.

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